Our Community

Bungendore Preschool is situated in a perfect location for us to venture out into our local community. The community is very supportive of our involvement and always welcomes us with open arms. The children have visited many of our local shops and schools as we develop a sense of belonging to our small community. We provide the children with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the roles and responsibilities the community plays in our daily lives. As a service we also like to support our community and use our local businesses for supplies we may require. Some of our involvements include:

Preschool Visits Pet Store
Recently the children in the Frog Room at Bungendore Preschool have been showing a growing interest in animals and pets. To extend on this interest we decided to visit the local pet store in Bungendore, A.C. Pets on Tuesday 17th February. We walked from the Preschool down Gibraltar Street. Along the way we saw a pony and 2 friendly dogs being walked by a lovely local lady. As we walked into the store the children were excited to see rabbits, guinea pigs and some birds. We went around the side of the pet store, where we saw some baby chicks as well as a couple of “Jug” puppies (Jack Russell x Pug). We spent some time looking at these animals before going to see the different birds, the children loved watching the noisy Cockatoos showing off. Next we walked to the outside area where we saw a large variety of chickens and roosters, the children loved hearing the rooster crow. We gathered the children together and one of the wonderful staff brought a young duck out for the children to have an opportunity to hold or stroke. As we walked back into the store we stopped by the fish tanks to have a look at the selection in their aquarium. We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at A.C. Pets for taking the time to welcome the Preschool children into their store.

Tatum Hills Farm
The children have visited the farm which belongs to one of our families. The children loved exploring the farm and all it’s inhabitants. The children learn care, empathy and respect as they gently handle and interact with all the animals. Tatum Farms is available to visit on appointment for a variety of activities, you can contact them at http://tatumhills.weebly.com/.

Preschool Visits Top Pub
Preschool Visits Top Pub On Wednesday the children walked down to the Royal Hotel to view Indigenous artwork painted by a local artist Ronnie. Ronnie educated the children on the meaning behind each painting. The children were fascinated with the paintings about water holes, bush tucker and Australian animals. This experience provided an opportunity for children to broaden their knowledge of Aboriginal culture. We would like to thank Ronnie and Kindi for sharing your culture with the children.

We would also like to thank the Royal Hotel for allowing us to come onto their premises and to thank the parents who donated money so we could purchase an original piece of artwork to display at Preschool.

Anzac Day
The children joined the public school for an ANZAC assembly to recognise the ANZAC’s and the significant role they played in shaping our history. The children visited the memorial and enquired why there were flowers. The children were able to draw connections between the memorial and why the flowers were there. This was a wonderful experience within our community as children’s experiences shape their understanding of the world.