Our Philosophy

We value children as competent, knowledgeable human beings ready to share ideas with the world. Co-constructive learning forms the basis to which we base our daily interactions on. We sit on the same river bank as children, not opposite sides! Our Educators strive to provide authentic, rich learning environments and experiences, deriving from individual and group abilities and interests. We strongly encourage children to explore, investigate, challenge and evaluate their learning, to enhance their reflective thinking skills – which we believe they will learn to use and adapt to different situations they will encounter throughout life’s journey.

We understand the important role families, communities and educators play in influencing the social construct of the child. So, it is vital that we establish and maintain strong, respectful relationships as a catalyst for ongoing support of the child’s early learning childhood experience.

The Early Years Learning Framework, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Code of Ethics and our preschool philosophy underpins our early childhood pedagogical practices, which supports children to develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming.  

Our dedicated and passionate team of qualified educators, endeavour to provide children and families with a positive experience throughout this crucial developmental stage of a child’s life. We pride ourselves on our motivation for reflective practice, and use not only internal learning opportunities but, regular external professional development, as we embark on our journey to inspire, challenge and question new ways of thinking, optimising rich learning experiences for children.

“Life learning is about respecting the everyday experiences that enable children to understand and to interact with the world and their culture.”
Wendy Priesnitz, Editor, Life Learning Magazine